Five and a quarter

The case for five and a quarter

Back in my day, all computers came with a five and a quarter bay. If you are not familiar with this, it’s the bay that your CD-Rom goes into (or drink holder if you are some customers I’ve had in the past). It would have been unheard of for a computer to not have a CD-Rom installed or at least have an empty five and a quarter bay. These days though, it seems that is going out of style. I personally blame Apple. 

Why blame Apple you ask? Well, they were the first computer company to completely remove five and a quarter bays, or CD-Roms entirely, from their consumer computers. You see, they saw the future, they saw that everyone was consuming everything in the cloud, or downloading their movies to their computers to watch later. Everyone backs up to the cloud, pulls data from the cloud, LIVES in the cloud.

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Mt Gox, Bitcoin and the “Future of Currency”

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m very far from jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. I have a  few friends that think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and think that it’s a long term “investment”. I personally, think it will fail, and fail horribly. Recently, Bitcoin was dealt a major blow at the hands of Mt Gox


Mt Gox

Mt Gox until recently the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world


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My latest build

New computer parts

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a geek. I’ve worked in IT in some form or another, pretty much my entire working life. I love computers. I love putting them together, I love repairing them, I love everything about them. So of course, my first post on my blog, will be about my computer!

I recently made some upgrades to my system with some new computer parts, and wanted to share them.  I picked up a Fractal Define R4 limited White Edition with window. Let me just say. I love this case. It’s probably the best case I’ve ever owned. It’s simply amazeballs as my wife would say.

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To think of shadows is a serious thing.